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My cousin Luis Rios and myself are very proud to have been part of your school. We are currently flying a Jetstream 3100, and I am already an ATP captain. My cousin is currently building up the hours to get his ATP. Cheers to DEAN INTERNATIONAL!

Carlos Alfonso and Luis Ríos
Dean Alumni, Honduras
Mauricio Ruiz
Dean Alumnus, Colombia
Andrews E.Banks
Dean Alumnus, Caribbean Airlines
Bassam Brown
Dean Alumnus, Mesa Airlines
Ex Saudi Royal Air Force
Dean Alumnus, Saudi Arabia

"And it all started at DEAN INTERNATIONAL INC,thanks to Robert Dean and Wesley Brady...

Officialy 4!

The cockpit is my office. It is a plcace where I experience many emotions and learn many lessons. It is a place of work, but also a keeper of dreams. It is a place of deadly serious encounters, yet there I discovered much abnout life from the other side and delighted to have a new perspective now. I learned about joy and sorrow, pride and humility, fear and overcoming fear and continue to do so. I saw much from this office that most people would never see. At times it terrified me, yet I could always feel at home there. It is my place, at that time in space, and the jet is mine for many moments. Don't knmow about dying but the cockpit is a place where I truly live."

Swathi Singh
Dean Alumnus

"To all my Dean Family! I have really fond memories of working at Dean International. Extremely Grateful to the school for allowing me to gain so much knowledge and improve my piloting skills, which became the stepping stone that launched my career as a Commercial Pilot."

Esteban Arcila
Dean Alumnus, Avianca

Our former Italian Flight Instructor is now working as an Airline Pilot.

Marcello Toschi
Dean Alumnus

Marco Daniel Balarezo Villagran from Ecuador Flying with Tame Airlines.

Marco Daniel Balarezo Villagran
Dean Alumnus, Tame

"My dreams could not have been realized if I wouldn't have been part of the Dean International family. Thank you Robert, thanks to all my co-workers, fand thanks to all of my students!"

Mario Van Severen
Dean Alumnus

"Working at AirTran and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a First Officer on the 717. I will never forget my aviation roots at Dean International!"

Geoff Livesay
Dean Alumnus, AirTran
First Officer Michael Cruz flying with American Eagle.
Michael Cruz
Dean Alumnus, American Eagle

Instructor Ravi Khullar now flies with US Airways.

Ravi Khullar
Dean Alumnus, US Airways
After receiving very hard times from other flight schools at Tamiami Airport, I came to Dean International where Robert Dean personally sat down with me and gave me a financial and chronological look into how much remained to finish my private pilot certificate. Through his hard efforts as an instructor and mentor, I was able to finish my private pilot certificate within one week. Minimums published within the FAR's are exactly that, MINIMUMS for safety. Dean International has stricter minimums outlined within their standard operating procedures, just as do airlines. Training is centralized around preparing you to become a successful airline pilot and although the prices are the cheapest on the field, they do not compromise safety to provide savings to the consumer. They have their own maintenance facility to make sure all the planes are in great condition and any discrepancies are taken care of immediately. The chief pilot, assistant chief pilot, flight instructors, maintenance personnel and office staff will all work diligently to help you finish your certificates as safely and efficiently as possible at Dean International. I strongly recommend this flight school to anyone interested in learning to fly or unhappy with their current flight provider.
Rohaan Khullar
Dean Alumni, Colgan Air

Michael Whitice with Qatar Airlines

Michael Whitice
Dean Alumnus
Safi Shahid
Dean Alumnus, Airblue Limited
Khalid Albedawi
Dean Alumnus, Qatar Airways
Dean Alumnus, Peru
Mauricio Ruiz - Kolata Cargo
Jose Rodriguez - Eastern Airlines
Mauricio Ruiz, Ravi Khullar
Dean Alumnus
Rene Leon in the cockpit of a ATR 42-500.
Rene Leon
Dean Alumnus.
Captain Benoit Courbin started with his PPL and eventually became a Flight Instructor, Now he is flying for American Eagle.
Benoit Courbin
Dean Alumnus, American Eagle
"I have learned a lot as an airline pilot but it was the foundation of Dean International flight school that has helped me to achieve a great career in aviation!"
Adrian Bonnin
Dean Alumnus, Spirit Airlines
Mika from Khazakstan flying the Airbus
Dean Alumnus
Former instructor and Dean alumnus Carlos De La Puente now flies for American Eagle.
Carlos De La Puente
Dean Alumnus, American Eagle
First Officer Tony Almond flying a 767 with Florida West.
Tony Almond
Dean Alumnus, Florida West

"Will never forget my time of flight training at Dean International. I am now working as a First Officer at TACA and am enjoying every moment of it. "

Fernando Bellina
Dean Alumnus, TACA
Nawaf Hafidh, is one of our former students and flight instructor now flying as a first officer for Emirates.
First Officer Nawaf Hafidh
Dean Alumni, Emirates

Dean International flight instructor and alumnus Manuel Perales flies an MD-80 as first officer. Picture taken at Miami Intl Airport.

Manuel Perales
Dean Alumnus/Instructor

Dean alumnus Alvaro Londoño currently flies with Tampa Cargo. He says of his experience at Dean: "I want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to build my experience and expand my knowledge in Dean International. Because of the flight time I was able to built flight instructing, I got the experience needed to apply to an airline in Colombia."

First Officer Alvaro Londoño
Dean Alumnus, Tampa Cargo

I feel proud to tell everyone that today I joined Jet Airways as a First Officer on the B737 fleet. It took me 7 years to get to where I am right now, and that wouldn't have been possible without Robert Dean, his FANTASTIC flight school and my instructor Adrian Diaz. A Big Thank You from me and my family to all of you at Dean International!

Ravi Arvind
Dean Alumnus, Jet Airways.

We have received a few Honorable Mentions from news reports

FAA recognizes Ian Robert Dean

School Of Aviation Allows Students To Fly Higher

News Announcements
Selhan Haksoz
Dean Alumnus, Turkish
Tulsi Leekha
Dean Alumnus
Walif Banjar
Dean Alumnus, Saudi Arabia

Ankit Sood flying for a Private company in India

Ankit Sood
Dean Alumnus

FAA Inspectors from Miami FSDO keeping current in one of our Multi Engine Beechcraft Duchess.

Felix Molina & Adalberto Munet
Inspectors, FAA

Airline Pilot David Ramirez flying for Republic Airlines.

David Ramirez
Dean Alumnus
Dean alumnus Daryll Wilson now flies for American Eagle. We are very proud of his accomplishments!
Daryll Wilson
Dean Alumnus, American Eagle
Dean alumnus Simon Cadavid flies as a First Officer aboard an Airbus 320. Originally an international student from Colombia, Mr. Cadavid completed the full Commercial Pilot Program at Dean International.
First Officer Simon Cadavid
Dean Alumnus, Avianca

"141 (FAR PART 61) is the way to go. It was challenging at first going from a Cessna to a 65,400 lb. aircraft, but thanks to your training, everything well smoothly".

First Officer Arian Gutierrez
Dean Alumnus, Colgan Air
Instructor Sammy Salgado now flies commercially on flights to Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.
Sammy Salgado
Dean Instructor/Alumnus

Dear Mr. Dean / Mam Elisa, My Honorable Instructors and Colleagues,

I wish to inform everyone that I am all set to move. I have spent a most worthwhile time at Dean International with all of you. It is now about time to take more challenging paths to fullfill my life’s ambition. Everyone in this floor has been real source of inspiration to me, I have learnt from each person in this flying institute, which will help me in achieving new horizons in my professional life. I feel pangs of pain when I think of leaving this place, however, I am taking along with me life long relationships with best friends, greatest colleagues, and ideal mentors. I strongly recommend other students to join this esteemed institute, without any fear, to achieve your goals and targets as this is the right place for your dreams to come true. Finally, while taking this opportunity to thank all of you for the help and support rendered to me during my tenure with Dean International, I would like to personally wish everyone a great career and prosperous future.

Muhammad Kashif
Pakistan, Dean Alumni

Dear Mr. Dean

I am so glad to tell you that i am finally done with a total of 400 hours of flying time on the Airbus 320. Imaged above, was our graduation ceremony.

First Officer Faisal Alrasheed
Dean Alumni, NasAir
Arjun is now flying for Jet Airways. We wish you lots of success!
Dean Alumnus, Jet Airways

Before I write my review, there are a couple of things I need to point out first. One, apart from Dean International, I have trained in 3 other schools and visited many others. One of my friends is a Flight School Consultant in California. So I have a general idea abouot how things are 'supposed' to work and what kind of practices result in a school getting shut down. I personally trained in a school that had so many problems with International students, that it went bankrupt and finally closed up shop. Second, at the time of writing this review, I am done with my training at Dean. So I am under no coercion to speak good about the school. This review is MY opinion meant to help out future students who are looking for a good school among the hundreds in the US.

I came to Dean a little over a month ago for my Single Engine Commercial Add On and a few hours of time building each on the Seneca and the C-152. I hate to start a review with the cons but here are the two most glaring ones. First, communicating with Dean International while in India was not a smooth experience to say the least. I know there are a lot of students in Dean and even more people who send emails on a daily basis, many of whom ask questions just for the heck of it without being serious about coming down here. And this is not just emails. Even while you are training, even though you are among the serious ones, who want to train and get done as soon as possible, there will be times you will be given the same treatment as the ones who 'plan to be here for quite some time', if you know what I mean. Not that I am saying you wont be able to finish your training lightning quick at Dean. I got done with everything I was here for in little over a month. That is around 75 hours of flight time including the days where I couldnt fly due to the weather (Hurricane Sandy and all that awesomeness). But its frustrating to see sometimes not getting permissions to do simple things just because some other careless student decided to be irresponsible with the aircrafts.

The second 'issue' in my opinion, is the fact that there are no conventional 'batches' in Dean. With that what happens is you are not at the same stage as anyone else, which makes getting adjusted and settled in as a new student a little difficult, especially if this is the first time you are out of your homes (which I know is the case with many of you).

Now onto the thing that is most important to you as a pilot; training. The standard time one gets done from Zero to CPL (SE and ME) at Dean International is 7-8 months. Maintainance does a good job, the staff is extremely helpful. All the instructors I have come across and trained with at Dean are amazing. Now if you think that means they will just sign you off without you being good at your maneuvers, then think again. But thats not going to be an issue as they train you so well, you will never find yourself flying/ training more than you have to. The controllers on the ground and tower are understanding and help out students as much as they possibly can. Mr. Robert Dean, apart from being an outstanding pilot himself, is also the perfect person to be running such a large school. Make no trouble, fly responsibly and you will see what a joy it is to be flying at Dean. Not to mention the brilliant views you get to see every single day you fly. The shores, beaches, runways disappearing into the oceans. Makes you feel proud to be a pilot.

You might chose to say that the issues I have mentioned in the first part of my review are not issues really. And I do agree to a certain extent. However, seeing as how Dean International is one of the most renowed and popular flight training schools in the US, I do hold it to a higher standard.

In short, if you want to really feel like a pilot before you get into the big jets, if you are serious about flying and about having a strong fundamental knowledge of it, you simply cannot go wrong with Dean International.

Anirudh Rao
Dean Alumnus
"[Here's] an updated picture of myself as a Captain for Tiara Air Aruba. Next to me is my Co-Pilot, Elison Mercera. This picture was taken on our first flight together, which was almost exactly 5 years after I finished at Dean International. Jamil Martis is also flying at our company as a first officer, and Rennel Tromp just started groundschool last week to start flying as a first officer. Every Aruban student of Dean International has made it into Tiara Air Aruba, that is very nice. Also, on the 17th of February, Tiara Air Aruba's first Boeing 737-300 will be arriving in Aruba. The second one will be arriving in December. And also in December we will start with flights to Ft. Lauderdale. The future looks bright here in Aruba."
Ralph Hoek
Captain, Tiara Air Aruba

My nephew Feroze attended CPL-level training on single- and multi-engine aircraft at Dean International Flight School in Miami, FL, USA from July 2009 to December 2009.

This is to put on record that the training imparted by the school was of a high quality and quite consistent with the industry standards.

The academic atmosphere and the administrative arrangements were indeed very good. I wish the school continued success in the future.

Capt. Vishal S.
Uncle of Feroze K.
Chief Pilot, Spicejet Ltd.
I...feel that I made the right choice in choosing your academy to get trained with. I never thought that I would finish the whole course starting from scratch in about 2 and half months. [...] Thank you very much for that. As I told you, it took me awhile to get [the] CPL, but it became very easy when I joined Dean International. I also wanted to share with you some of my memories [...] as I wanted you to never forget the fastest student of your school getting all three licenses in such a short period.

I look forward to recommending your school to my friends so that they can get the same quality training that I received. Hope to see you soon as I plan on returning for time building. Thank you once again and please do visit whenever you come to Mumbai.
Rishit J.
Hi i am a student at Dean International and it would be just too less for words when i say that yes Dean International is just one of its kind. You cant find a better school where there is always a positive atmosphere around, which just allows you to always be learning. and in aviation there is never enough to learn. so the more days you spend in Dean, the more you learn. Dean International makes pilots, but with a difference. Dean International makes pilots that are confident. The aircraft are well maintained, which is very important for a flight school. To add the cherry on the icing, Dean has its own maintenance department. [...] With the large fleet, there is no comparison to any school to availability of aircraft everyday. Instead we get to choose a different one everyday, just for the joy of it.

Every instructor at Dean International is very good. I have no complaint about any of them in any regard. Mr. Robert Dean is always there everyday helping us out flying with us and, of course, teaching us the tricks of the trade. Cost-wise, I don't even feel the need to say it, affordable and the best.

Really.. thats not all one can actually write about it. You just have to be here to be a part of it.
Geet Parikh
Student, Dean International
My name is Parth Panchal. I have been a CFI and lecturer at Dean International since 2009. Based on my experience as a student and CFI at Dean International, it is the best school in the United States.

The reasons why I consider this school to be one of the best flight schools are:
  1. Most economic and clear fee structure.
  2. Great facility.
  3. Wide variety and number of well maintained aircrafts.
  4. Highly skilled instructors from all over the world.
  5. Honest and helpful staff.
  6. High quality training.
  7. Owner takes personal care of each student.
I have been in two different schools before located on the same airport and they took over $60,000 USD and wasted 2 years just to get a commercial license. I have even faced racism as an international student in one of those schools. In both of these schools, the owners had no idea what was going on in their own schools and instructors who are full of attitude kept on charging students for no reasons. I came to Miami to one of those schools and at the same time one of my friends came to Dean International. After seven month of struggles and harassment, I got my private pilot license using 26,000 USD in 80 hours. My friend at Dean International finished his commercial multiengine license using only 31,000 USD in the same time. [..] I am really glad that I found Dean International and that I got the golden opportunity to work with Mr. Robert Dean.
Parth Panchal
Instructor, Dean International
I started with my A320 type rating last week here in CAE Kuala Lumpur and I had my first simulator session today. After the session, my instructor asked me where I did my CPL training. I told him [that I received it] from Dean International. He said ''YOUR CPL TRAINING HAS BEEN DONE VERY NICELY AND IT REFLECTS IN YOUR PERFORMANCE HERE." And I told him, "Thank you, sir. It's all because I had the best flying school and the best instructor one can have." So I just want to thank you, sir, for all that you have done for me; for all of the support and guidance you have given me. I can never forget that.

Thank you so much.
Anuj Yadav, Dean Alumni
0 hours to C.F.I.: Like you I did my research when looking to get my pilots license. Everywhere I went was either over priced or, not many available aircraft. I started with my private to see how things would go. Everything went super smooth. After my private I continued through my C.F.I. and I.I. They did not hide anything from me. The prices are very affordable, and no hidden fees or expenses. I never had any problems with any of the aircraft out of my 400+ hours all at Dean. I have never had a problem with their aircraft. They have their own mechanics, and not one airplane even exceeds the 100 hour. Going to Dean was the BEST thing I ever did. I would not have been able to afford pursuing my dream of becoming a C.F.I.

I have found no other flight school that can even come close to Dean International.
Hello all aspiring Pilots,

We all know such a big field aviation is and the journey here is not at all hunky dory. It begins right from the start where, if we go wrong with our choices, we have to repent. Same was the case with me unfortunately. I started my training with a flying school in Texas in Addison Airport in Jan 2008. I was there over a year; I did my training with an instructor and he instructed me for 140 hours just for the reason that my short field landing was not perfect. I had no PPL and I ended up spending 20 lakh. I was all depressed about my training and went back to India. Then a friend told me about Dean International. I was still skeptical about my choice but had to give it a try. I entered Dean on 8th June 2011, and on 28th June 2011 with 5 hours of training and with immense support and impeccable training from my instructor, Mr. Wesley G Brady, I got my Private Pilot License. It all still seems unbelievable, but fortunately I owe this success only and only to Dean international and my instructor. The homely environment and lovely instructors like Mr. Brady just make it easy for the students to learn and achieve their dream. The instructors are very dedicated and they go all the way to give you the right kind of training required. I am now one of the fortunate students to have made the right choice to complete my CPL with Dean International and i know the goal is not too far!
Sonam Powle, Dean Alumni

Thanks to the Dean International family, for making me what I am today.

Vishwas Goswami
Dean Alumnus
Luis Heras obtained his CPL license with Dean International. We are very proud to have him in our aviation family.
Luis Heras
Dean Alumnus
My son Mobeen attended CPL-level training on single- and multi-engine aircraft at Dean International Flight School in Miami, FL, USA from early 2009 to late 2009.

This is to put on record that the training imparted by the school was of a high quality and quite consistent with the industry standards.

The academic atmosphere and the administrative arrangements were indeed very good. I wish the school continued success in the future.

Capt. Mehboob B.
Father of Mobeen Raza B.
General Manager (FS), Air India
Maldives Capt. Mohamed Mubah completed his ATP with Dean International in just five days.
Mohammed Mubah
Maldivian Airways
Allow us to take the opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude towards you for your support in helping Yohann - and in the process, us - in finally acheiving his goal. […] Yohann speaks very high…of [...] your school and his instructor. We had hoped that Yohann would manage to get everything finished before the holidays, and I'm glad you didn't let us down.

We were so disappointed by the way things had panned out with the previous school that, I must admit, we were very skeptical and had our apprehesions whilst having him sign up with you this time. I only wish we would have had the good fortune of finding out about you all sonner. It would have saved us a whole lot of stress, not to mention o…finances! [...] We all live and learn - and we sure are glad that we found Dean! We wish you, your faculty, and Dean International Inc. the very best!
Parents of Yohann B.
"Mr. Dean,

[..] Thank you very much for providing me with the fantastic opportunity to work with you. [...] The procedures at Dean International are so hard to break that attaining the highest safety standards is easy. I am very proud to tell the world that I worked at Dean International."
Nisarg Raval
Dean Alumnus
Unlike other lucky students, I did not begin my flight training at Dean International. I had initially received my Private Pilot License, from a flight school at San Diego. That experience was a nightmare. It took me a large amount of, time and money, and about 90 hours of flight time to only receive my Private Pilot License. Though, from that experience, I learnt what to look for, when I searched for a flying school, the second time around. And when I came across Dean International, they met all my requirements. But it was only when I visited Miami, and began my training at Dean International, did this flying school begin to exceed all my expectations.

Even though they are located in a large metropolitan city like Miami, their rates are competitive, and are comparable to the least expensive flight schools in the United States. Their large fleet of well-maintained aircraft, ensure that you rarely have any issues in booking an aircraft for your flight training -- my earlier school, had just 4 C-152's & a large number of students, thus I used to fly barely twice a week. The busy airspace, and well trained instructors, ensure you receive a high quality learning experience. They have comfortable offices, for you to rest in between flights, or to debrief with your instructor. I suggest you visit their website, to view the videos they have uploaded of the premises, and have a look for yourself.

But, most importantly, and this is what makes Dean International stand out, is its Chief Pilot Mr. Robert Dean. Mr. Robert Dean is very accessible and takes a personal interest in each student who is training at his flight school. Believe me when I say this, this makes a huge difference. At other schools the Chief Pilot won't even know your name, let alone your flight training progress. If you face any problems, you can directly approach Mr. Dean with your issue, and he will ensure that he sorts it out. I speak about this from personal experience. If you are a hard working and diligent student, Mr. Dean will ensure that you finish you training in the fastest possible time. There have been several cases of students who have completed their course well before the projected date of completion.

I would also recommend that when you are student, you should be mindful of your school expenses, and ask for a weekly report of your account details. This will ensure that there are no hiccups in your flight training, and that you may fly continuously.

I will always have fond memories of sunny Miami and Dean International, the flight school which gave me my Commercial Pilot License.

Thank you, Dean International.
Dean Alumnus
Adrian Diaz, Former Flight Instructor with Dean International, now working as a first officer for Colgan Air flying in a Saab 340.
First Officer Adrian Diaz
Dean Alumnus, Colgan Air

Thank you so much for receiving us at your flight school and taking so much time from your busy schedule to give us the tour. I was truly inspired by the energy and dedication of your school in making the training a positive and productive experience for the students.

I truly appreciate the hard work that to do on a daily basis to make sure the students are properly trained and ready for work once they graduate from your school.

[…] Again, I thank you most sincerely for your time, your energy, and the courtesy you extended to us during your visit.

I wish Dean International success and a bright future.

Mohamed Hussain Maniku
Maldivian Ambassador to the USA
Pooja Sondhi started her training at age 17. Completed at 18 and got hired by Deccan which merged with Kingfisher. A young lady that was smart, mature and full of life. A pleasure to have her complete her training at Dean International. We are very proud of her accomplishments.
First Officer Pooja Sondhi
King Fisher

19-day Private Pilot License: "I got my PPL!!!! I am really happy! Thanks for everything!…we managed to get everything done on time! Once again thank you so much for this opportunity and for making these days the most exhausting but and most amaizing days! If I ever do any other rating, you can be completely sure that I will be back!"

Erick Vianello
Dean Alumnus

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that 2 out of the 3 pilots in the cockpit, a few months ago, were alumni of Dean International.

I was commuting home and had to ride up in the cockpit jumpseat. I had flown with the captain before, but never met the first officer. After our customary introductions we were on our way. It wasn't until we where chatting, while on a ground stop, that we discovered we grew up within miles of each other, went to rival high schools, and both attended Dean International.

Geoffrey Livesay went on to tell me about how Ra Schooly was his flight instructor. He went on to say how his father had an agreement with you that Geoff would only attend if you placed him with your sharpest instructor. I told him I couldn't have agreed more with your decision. Geoff also explained how many of the techniques he had learned at Dean Int'l he utilized as a flight instructor himself. I went on to sing the praises of Mr. "Fantastic" and everyone that made the flight school a success.

I hope this finds you doing well. My best to you and continued success for Dean International.

Allan J. Camp
Dean Alumnus
I am a very proud father of RIKIN SAMPAT who successfully completed his COMMERCIAL PILOT TRAINING at your school. Rikin Sampat is all praise for the quality of TRAINING, EQUIPMENT, the ADMINISTRATION TEAM, the SUPPORT staff and his INSTRUCTORS at the school.I am glad to have made the right decision to send RIKIN to DEAN INTERNATIONAL FLYING SCHOOL for his COMMERCIAL PILOT TRAINING COURSE. I sincerely appreciate and WISH ALL THE SUCCESS OF YOUR SCHOOL in future and for having an excellent team. Once again thanking you and everyone at Dean. "YOU ARE THE BEST"
Rikin Sampat
Nikhil Sampat, Father of Rinkin
"Hey guys. Anybody who wants to achieve their dream of being a pilot should come to Dean. Dean does not only teach you how to fly, but they teach you to believe in yourself and fly with confidence. It provides you with a friendly if you want to be the best, here you are with the best option in front of you..."
I think this the best school in the field of aviation in Florida. All [of the] instructors are very helpful and highly qualified. One of the best things is [that] you can finish your flying in a very short time and in a good and cheap package. It is my pleasure to be here and undoubtedly this school is unbeatable. Dean rocks...
Bhavish Mehra
Student, Dean International
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